Moving to a new office location can be a big undertaking. We ensure that all your desktops, laptops and networking equipment is transferred and professionally arranged in your new location. The same network infrastructure and connections will all be maintained to ensure business as usual.

Our experts will ensure that your IT layout is logically unchanged, even when it has physically changed. All prior accessibility, security and logical infrastructure attributes will be maintained.

Every aspect of the relocation will be planned meticulously and professionally. Our professional team know all the information that is required for a swift relocation, and will enquire about every aspect of the relocation. Including layout, orientation of systems, where to lay network cabling, the order of items to relocate for continuation of business during relocation, and much more.

We run an efficient, highly organised set of procedures so not one system or network connection is out of place.

Post relocation support is offered in case any circumstances of the pre-determined layout has changed or any other support is required.

Out-of-hours projects are accepted.

There are many things to consider when relocating office premises such as data points and cabling, power requirements, what will be moved and what will be purchased new and what services need to be live when the keys are handed over to name a few.

With our consultancy services, San-iT would take care of the whole process even to the point where we can physically relocate the hardware for you.

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