Our layered approach helps prevent data loss while enabling data access to support business operations and growth:

  • Understand where data resides, it’s relationships and how to define security and privacy policies
  • Detect database vulnerabilities and harden repositories
  • Manage privileges and authenticate users to limit data access
  • Monitor transactions to enforce policies and capture a detailed audit trail
  • Prevent unauthorised database activities
  • Block, quarantine or mask transactions that violate policy
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Mask or redact sensitive data in documents and forms for software testing and commercial use to mitigate risk

You may also be aware that the EU has passed new data protection laws. This applies to any business that offers goods or services to any citizen of a member state. These changes are due to come into effect from May 2018 so it’s important that your business meets the general data protection regulations. Take action now and avoid heavy financial fines in the future!

We offer services to businesses that require security review and systems reviews to ensure that they are compliant and that their systems are secure. This can come in many forms and is often on an annual basis to ensure that IT processes are being adhered to and that potential security vulnerabilities have been identified and resolved appropriately.

We also work with businesses as external expertise where they have in house IT staff that provide the day to day support but then use our expertise for consultancy, project work and as a point of escalation.

End user devices are targeted most often, generally via viruses and malicious malware that is designed to infect the user’s device. Once this device has been infected it can potentially allow access to your machine without your knowledge where data can be stolen and movements can be tracked and recorded.

Therefore, it is essential to have adequate antivirus protection on all devices connected to the corporate network, along with other specific software that protects against malicious activity. Again, there are many options available on the market which largely depend on your business operations. For example, a company with access to payment details and customer data will require more protection than a company that deals with less sensitive data.

Take action now and avoid heavy financial fines in the future!

Our End Point Security offers…

  • Protects against ransomware
  • Safeguards documents from unauthorized encryption, as well as backing up files that have been locked by suspicious programs
  • Protects against viruses
  • Protects against viruses
  • Blocks viruses, spyware, worms, and Trojans from infecting your computer.
  • Blocks dangerous websites
  • Blocks dangerous websites
  • Protects your PC from cybercriminals by identifying dangerous links on websites and in social networks, emails, and instant messages.
  • Guards against identity theft
  • Guards against identity theft
  • Detects spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick you into revealing personal information.
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