We will liaise with BT to setup lines, and use the best business ISPs available. We will setup VoIP systems along with operation software so that all operators will have a clear view of what other VoIP users’ current statuses are and simple forwarding, recording, and interactive voice response menus.



Depending on your business needs, we will setup your network with redundant internet connections (Wide Area Connection (WAN)) so that if one line malfunctions for whatever reason, your connection will still be available.

We recommend an active/passive redundant WAN connection. What this means is that the bandwidth of only one WAN connection will be used, and if it fails for whatever reason it will switch over to the other WAN connection. This guarantees that your internet throughput will never decrease, even if failure occurs on one of the WANs.


Voice over IP (VoIP) isn’t only for big companies, the flexibility and money saved will become quickly apparent. The difference between VoIP and plain old telephone service (POTS) is VoIP will use the internet to connect to your VoIP providers service (Skype, Vonage etc.) which is connected to a local telephone exchange, giving you an unlimited number of connections limited only by your broadband bandwidth.

  • While POTS gives only 20-30 phone numbers on an ISDN line, and you must pay for all those phone numbers even when they’re not in use.
  • VoIP providers offer plans for under £20 per operator per month, while POTS/ISDN plans will run £20-50 per operator per month.
  • We will setup your IP telephony system, liaise with VoIP providers and give you the best performance available.

There are many more impressive features of the Zycoo IP telephony system which we are sure will fulfil all your business needs, we are available to discuss the system in its entirety.

We’ll migrate your phone system gradually, minimising disruption. We’ll then show your team how to use the new system. Maintenance is easy – just call us if you have any issues or want to make any changes. And if you like the idea but worry your internet connection won’t cope, let us have a look. There’s a good chance we can speed things up and get VoIP working perfectly for you.

Our VoIP product of choice is Zycoo.

Zycoo goes above and beyond IP telephone system competitors offering features that give the efficient streamlined telephone service your business deserves with competitive pricing.

Zycoo features:

  • Smart Direct Inward Dialling – This feature allows callers to be instantly redirected to the original operator whom previously spoke to them.
  • Interactive Voice Response – Callers can interact with a pre-recorded menu using their phones keypad to ensure they are directed to the correct department for their requirement, giving your business a quicker and more effective way of dealing with customers.
  • Voicemail to Email – Zycoo can be setup to send Voicemails directly to your email address, giving a flexible way to know what’s happening when an operator is out the office.
  • Follow Me – If an operator has multiple numbers that they can be reached on depending on their current location, this feature will attempt to call each number listed for that operator until they are reached.
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